Frequently Asked Questions

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general questions
  • What is FXB Capital?

    FXB Capital is a trading platform that makes it easy for you to start your journey as a investor. Our graphical tools and convenient technical analysis indicators help you make trading decisions.

  • How much money can I make?

    Your success depends on your skills and patience, your chosen trading strategy, and the amount you are able to invest. We recommend watching our training videos first, so you can make more informed transactions. Beginning traders can try out their skills and practice on the practice account.

  • What is the best time to choose for trading?

    The best trading time depends on your trading strategy and a few other factors. We recommend that you pay attention to the market schedules, since the overlap of the American and European trading sessions makes prices more dynamic in currency pairs such as EUR/USD. You should also follow market news that might affect the movement of your chosen asset. It's better not to trade when prices are highly dynamic for inexperienced traders who don't follow the news and don't understand why the price is fluctuating.

  • What are the purchase time and the expiration time?

    The purchase time is the white dotted line. After this time, you can't buy an option for the selected expiration time. The expiration time is shown by the solid red line. When the transaction crosses this line, it closes automatically and you take either a profit or a loss for the result. You can choose any available expiration time. There is usually a range available from one-and-a-half seconds up to one month.

  • What is the base price of an investment plan?

    We want trading to be available to everyone, so the minimum transaction amount on our platform is $5000 or BTC1.3, depending on the selected account currency. The maximum deposit amount is $500,000 or BTC122.2.

  • Is there a commission on inactive accounts?

    If you don't perform any operations on the platform for 90 days and there is some amount of money remaining on your account, we deduct a $50 fee for servicing the inactive account, but not more than the total of your trading balance. For example, if there's 0.4 USD on your account, not more than 0.4 USD can be charged.

Withdrawing Funds
  • How do I withdraw money?

    To withdraw your money, go to Withdraw Funds. You will see a list of large icons representing available methods of withdrawal. Choose a method, enter the amount and other information, and click "Withdraw Funds". Your request will be handled within a day or two and you will receive your earnings.

  • How long does it take to withdraw funds?

    We aim to process all withdrawal requests within 3 business days. Please keep in mind that the payment service provider may require more time to complete the process depending on the payment method.

  • Do I need to provide any documents to make a withdrawal?

    Yes. You need to verify your identity in order to withdraw funds. Account verification is necessary in order to prevent fraudulent financial transactions on the account.